INFLUENCEUR À STRASBOURG : interview avec l’EM Fashion Week


Want to know all about the influencers?


A few days ago, I had the opportunity to be interviewed by the Em Strasbourg Fashion Week – the School of Management (Business School) to speak about Bloggers / Influenceurs.

Here’s part of the interview. If you want to read all the article > > click here 


For starters could you introduce yourself?

My name is Julie and my name on the social networks is @juliefrenchly. I do not like too much the term “influencer” because it has a negative connotation in French. I just like to share my everyday life with my followers.


What does the word “influencer” means to you?

An “influenceur” is a person who works in partnership with different brands and share what they love on the social networks. It is a real job which is not always recognized and well seen ! Sometimes when I introduce myself as an influencer people tend to not take me seriously.


How did you became a social media influencer? 

My purpose was never to become an influencer. I simply share on my social networks what I like: photos of Strasbourg, outfits, food, and some of my favorite products. I began to work for a Branding agency as Community Manager. And gradually my Instagram account began to gain a lot of followers.


How do you choose your partnerships? 

Before accepting a partnership, I always look at the values of the brand, where and in which conditions products are made and by whom. I try to favor products which I already use and products made in France from fair trade. I like to favor the small local producers as well. 

What types of partnerships an influencer can have? 

· There is the “exchange of product (s)” in which the brand offers you the product (or the service) in exchange for one (or several) publication(s).
· The “paid partnership” according to your price rates and your budget.
· The partnership “on commissions” where the influencer gets commissions on every product bought by followers. 


What type of partnership do you usually do and what are your price?

I often make ” exchange of products ” partnerships against one or several publications. But the most advantageous for me it is the paid partnerships. For a publication it can go up to $550 for accounts with 10K, 20K followers. I never make a partnership “on commissions” because I do not like forcing people to buy stuff.


What are your advices to become an influencer? 

I think what matters the most is having a content of quality. Having a good composition in your photos and a good lighting. It is necessary to know how to be creative. Post photos or things you like and of course don’t forget to have fun!



Interview réalisé par Natacha DUCHMANN, Community Manager Fashion Week, publié le 19 janvier 2018. 

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